Monero (XMR) was attacked but it failed?

The Monero (XMR) network was targeted with a type of attack known as the Sybil attack. To learn more about Monero, visit the FAQ at first.

Monero has become the target of an attack. Some users should have seen their privacy being violated. The good news is that the attack was not able to link IP addresses to user identities.

This proves the resilience of Monero and the way it works to protect users’ privacy. XMR’s architecture and features make it one of the most secure and private virtual currencies in the world.

Riccardo Spagni, the leading developer of Monero, announced that a Sybil attack against Monero has been launched. The attack, which was aimed at disrupting the functioning of the Monero network, was unsuccessful.

The Sybil attack

The Sybil attack is a security threat that, according to the Binance Academy definition, is the result of an attempt to hijack a network across multiple accounts, nodes or computers.

  • In such an attack, attackers can outwit honest nodes on the network if they can create enough fake IDs.
  • They can then prevent blocks from being received and forwarded, thus denying other users access to the network.

Spagni mentioned that Sybil nodes also tried to disrupt the flow of transactions. In addition, they can also interrupt the nodes’ synchronization by not serving them any more blocks. On this topic he mentioned:

If you are really concerned about the effectiveness of a Sybil attack (whether you are a Bitcoin or Monero user), I strongly recommend that you run your node behind Tor, or at least transfer your transactions via the pushtx functionality of a block explorer (also accessible via Tor).

Tracking of transactions in Monero

Many gamblers switched from providers like 7bitcasino to casinos offering Monero payment because it is very secure and anonymous. But is it really not possible to track? Since Monero is a crypto currency that guarantees the confidentiality of transactions, it is being targeted by many, including the USA.

The US recently launched a tender for the development of a vehicle that will allow the tracking of transactions in Monero, and as a result of this tender two companies have been identified. Accordingly, Chainalysis and Integra FEC will work to violate Monero’s privacy.